Auburn Strong

AUBURN STRONG is a 12-week health and wellness challenge providing participants with tools, tips, and training to establish balanced, sustainable lifestyle change. With a dual focus on mind and body, the challenge prepares participants in key fitness areas lasting well beyond the program’s conclusion.  Participants embark on a transformative journey in search of their full health potential, focusing on realistic and attainable exercise goals, balanced food choices and preparation, methods for measuring progress, and tips and tricks from certified professionals in the areas of health, wellness, and nutrition.

Be Well

BE WELL is an online blogazine written for students, by students to entertain and inform the Auburn University community about all things health and wellness.

In an effort to see Auburn University become the healthiest campus in the nation, the Be Well team aims to inspire, motivate, educate, and deliver timely information for those in continuous pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Students discuss challenges, successes, resources, and technology in the areas of fitness, wellness, sports, outdoor recreation, and campus life. Readers will find tips, how-to's, recipes, technology reviews, and a variety of resources to read, share, and use in everyday life. 

Deskercise - Burn Where You Earn

DESKERCISE divides a 40-minute workout into eight 5-minute sessions in the comfort of your own office. Learn to DESKERCISE! Beat the statistics that link detrimental health issues with long hours of occupational sitting. Learn strength and flexibility exercises to perform at your desk that revitalize you physically and mentally. Discover how Campus Recreation is helping Auburn University employees improve overall health with video desk exercises that break up the workday and combat the adverse effects desk jobs have on our weight, back, wrists, eyes, neck, and muscles. This series is fun, informational, and active—so don’t just sit— get fit!

MOVE: Fall Fitness on the Green Space

MOVE includes three FREE fitness classes on the Green Space. Bring your water, your mat, and enjoy! Everyone welcome! No group fitness pass required!

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