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About Us

We offer more than 100 group fitness classes per week along with personal training, semi-private training and small group training. 

Group Fitness

100+ group fitness classes provide an encouraging and safe environment for participants of any skill level. The classes are led by certified instructors and filled with students, faculty, and staff. 

Personal Training

Our goal is to educate our participants on how to exercise safely and effectively to achieve lifelong fitness.  Our certified training staff will work with you to develop an appropriate exercise program and will closely supervise your progress. By assessing your fitness goals first, our trainers can create a personalized workout plan, teach you how to properly perform exercises and keep you motivated. New training clients must purchase and go through a Comprehensive Fitness Appraisal. 

Small-Group Fitness - A Personal Training / Group Fitness Hybrid

Small-Group Fitness is our newest fitness offering at Campus Recreation. Join your coaches and 4-8 fellow participants in a 5-7 week program designed to challenge, and gradually advance your fitness skills in a particular area of training. Enjoy more personalized instruction, with a more intimate, goal-oriented, small-group. Master measurable skills and move through basic, intermediate and advanced classes as you progress. In some cases, participants will be required to complete an introductory course through our Group Fitness program before registering for a more advanced small-group training.